Did you just have a package shipped to your home?

Were you expecting that package anytime soon?
Yes, so are thieves. Check this scam out and make sure you haven’t been ‘had’.

You go to check your email inbox and find a ‘delivery failure notification’ email supposedly from the U.S. Postal Service.

Obviously you want your children’s Christmas present to show up on time so you open the email, click the link and BAM! You’ve just downloaded a virus.

We know these days it’s not easy to tell a real or fake email a part from each other. Here are some tips to make sure the email is legit:

1. First, are there any spelling errors? Most hackers/con-artists don’t have impeccable spelling or grammar. If it doesn’t ‘look’ legit, it probably isn’t.
2. The email tells you to click on a link or download an attachment. DON’T DO IT! If you have a USPS or similar shipping service account, you wouldn’t need to click this email link. Just go to your online account and see if there were any shipping errors related to your account. Or you could always call the company you purchased the item from to confirm if there were any shipping errors.
3. The email asks you to confirm financial or other personal information. This is a classic ‘tell’ of a scam. Don’t ever type personal information unless you absolutely know its a secure and authentic website.

For more information on this scam, please click here.