Did you just have a package shipped to your home?

Were you expecting that package anytime soon?Yes, so are thieves. Check this scam out and make sure you haven’t been ‘had’. You go to check your email inbox and find a ‘delivery failure notification’ email supposedly from the U.S. Postal Service. Obviously you want your children’s Christmas present to show up on time so you […]

5 Ways To Make Money At Home

We will skip the work from home sales jobs you may already be familiar with. Raise your hand if you already know someone selling one of these (not that there’s anything wrong with that): doTerra Essential Oils, Pampered Chef, Limelight, and Stella and Dot. Here is a list of work from home job ideas that […]

Seniors Targeted in Scam

Senior citizens account for nearly 33% of complaints filed with the FTC and these victims have lost approximately $2.9 BILLION in 2010 alone. Let’s help our families and friends and put a stop to the targeting of our Seniors!! Last year, approximately 200 victims per week were contacted by IRS impersonators and swindled out of […]

Credit Card Fraud: 5 Ways to Protect Your Business

Online commerce brings shoppers and vendors together for sales that are speedier and more convenient than traditional in-store transactions. Unfortunately, as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, it is very difficult for the average store owner to tell if a payment is fraudulent. Credit card fraud is a reality all businesses must be prepared for – an […]